Friday, February 16, 2007

Random Things in My Room

I usually create folders for my pictures according to whatever events that I attended to. But recently it's been a problem because I've started to take random pictures around me even when I'm just chilling and milling around. So now I have pictures of my water that I drink, my bed, my plant (now dead) and even lotion that I use. I'm not sure how to group them and I'm afraid they'd just get lost in some "miscellaneous" folder....for I do enjoy them so much. I guess they somewhat mm show off a tinge of color to the life that I lead...little tiny everyday details that I take so much pleasure in.

Too many lemons from our lemon tree so I started putting a good chunk into my water. It's become my addiction now. Life is good when there's a thick slice of lemon sitting in cold water in a glass. MMmm and the lemon fills the whole glass too.

Just can't get enough of baby lotion. Have been using them for 3 years now I think ever since they were put on sale somewhere and my mom brought back one bottle.

Red beans!! I left them at home for three weeks thinking that they'd be dead when I see them next, but no! There were still a couple leaves left that are green and soft. I brought them back to Rains but they died on me a few days later because the stems were already dry. Pretty tough little guys though (there were three of them.)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Presents from Bob

Bob and I haven't been sleeping much lately. Bob's been working on his thesis with Sound, Spanish essay, and physics; I've been working on my first ever Lab Report for MSE 171. For some reason the report took me the whole weekend and Monday, and I stayed up on Sunday and Monday just to catch up. But everything came through very slowly and I even ended up staying till 8am this morning. It was pretty intense last night as my eyes were straining from staring at the computer screen too much and knowing that I should be in bed. Pretty painful.

Anyway, I've been meaning to post a few pictures from earlier but hadn't gotten a chance to. Bob took lots of pictures of me when I was opening presents for my birthday in January. The red scarf looks so great and comfy on buddy! It took me a lot shorter time to knit than the last old green scarf. The stitches are also a lot more even, compared to the old one that is bumpy at some places. Both scarves are actually very warm and it proved indeed to be very Useful on our Tahoe trip! I'm glad that I've finally made something Useful! (Although I had been a PD undergrad, all of my products have been utterly ugly and useless...except for my senior project that I'm still pretty proud of.) Before I start my daily rant about Stanford PD I think I should post some pictures finally!

Bracelet from Hough mama and Bob!

Opening my present!

It's a cake (under the aluminum foil!)

It's a chocolate pudding cake (with vanilla ice cream on the side). It's been more than four weeks now since this picture and it's still sitting in my fridge! but believe it or not it still tastes as good. Bob's the cake master!

The red scarf!

I think Bob has improved his cake-making over the year as I've improved my knitting as well. Man I've been showing off the presents...hope we don't make anyone feel too jealous! hehehe