Friday, February 16, 2007

Random Things in My Room

I usually create folders for my pictures according to whatever events that I attended to. But recently it's been a problem because I've started to take random pictures around me even when I'm just chilling and milling around. So now I have pictures of my water that I drink, my bed, my plant (now dead) and even lotion that I use. I'm not sure how to group them and I'm afraid they'd just get lost in some "miscellaneous" folder....for I do enjoy them so much. I guess they somewhat mm show off a tinge of color to the life that I lead...little tiny everyday details that I take so much pleasure in.

Too many lemons from our lemon tree so I started putting a good chunk into my water. It's become my addiction now. Life is good when there's a thick slice of lemon sitting in cold water in a glass. MMmm and the lemon fills the whole glass too.

Just can't get enough of baby lotion. Have been using them for 3 years now I think ever since they were put on sale somewhere and my mom brought back one bottle.

Red beans!! I left them at home for three weeks thinking that they'd be dead when I see them next, but no! There were still a couple leaves left that are green and soft. I brought them back to Rains but they died on me a few days later because the stems were already dry. Pretty tough little guys though (there were three of them.)

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