Wednesday, January 03, 2007


At the urging of my mom - I got my haircut today! Although I did remember Cate's warning about Asian barbershops that always give you fobby looks, I was actually a bit excited that I'm starting everything anew, with a new haircut and a new year!

While I was sitting there a funny lady sitting next to me kept chattering away. She complained about Cantonese accent, how she can't understand it, and how another lady with a heavy Cantonese accent kept going up to her during their Japan tour that she had to say to her "I don't understand I don't understand!" I thought all of this was pretty funny as most of the barbers there were Cantonese, and if these barbers were at all offended. Probably. The barber with the lady wasn't too attentive. The funny lady was still happily chattering away though, and I didn't realize she's actually an old lady till after my haircut was done and I had put my glasses on. The old lady had on a fashionable (and fobby, of course) haircut of a 30 year-old.

My haircut was ok. Although I didn't like how my hair tailed off in the back, I went home pretty happy. But I dont' know what came over me as I was taking my shower...I cut the tail off with a small scissors! I felt about my hair and now the back of my hair is all flat...or worse, the sides might be longer than the back now. But I'm glad my mom's not too horrified, though, and am just sorry for my mom who dragged me to the barbershop.

Pre-Barbershop long hair.

Post-Barbershop short hair and after shower. I don't dare to show the back that I had so angrily(?) cut short!!

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