Thursday, January 04, 2007


Happy birthday to self~ yay!
It is 12:06am now according to my blog, and I've already received well wishes from Chelsey, Bob, bro, and parents. So nice so nice! Kudos to my buddy who sang the birthday song like Pooh, and my mom who was rolling around in bed but still singing the song twice in Chinese and English! hehe so funny!

I wonder what's going to happen today. I think it's going to be exciting. My parents and I, especially my dad who's into cheap stuff, are determined to find us some kind of free meal deal on my birthday. I checked online and am going to call up those restaurants before we starve ourselves for the big meal. The restaurants that offer free meals are this Indian buffet, Todai, Benihana, and IHOP. Actually I'm not quite convinced about the quality of the food that these restaurants offer (although Benihana's supposed to be good), but I am oddly proud that our family is all spirit, and that we're going to celebrate our unique free food spirit on my birthday.

Now I'm closing this post as my birthday is winding down. (Man I've really become a chattering nut. )

So I called Benihana and this Indian buffet restaurant. Benihana's not friendly at all to me. As I meekly started off that I've read somewhere that Benihana is offering a free birthday meal with three paying guests, the lady answered in this demeaning tone, " We don't offer any free meal." So callous! at least she could pretend to be apologetic. Well I'll never go this place anyway. Too pricey anyway, and can never possibly be as good as the teipanyaki restaurant okasan took me in Kyoto. It was a even more humiliating experience when I called the Indian restaurant. The man answering couldn't understand what I was saying, even as I shouted into the phone..."FREEEEE", "BIRHTDAY" "MEEAAALL" very slowly three times. I thought maybe he pretended not to undertand, but maybe I was too harsh on him. Anyway, I ran laps with my dad at Saratoga high school and found a Korean bbq restaurant to eat on El Camino that does give free dinner on your birthday. There were lots of meat and cloves of garlic that I ate. I was terribly stuffed!

My dad didn't look too happy because my finger blocked the camera flash. I hope this picture doesn't give off wrong impressions - he's pretty happy throughout my birthday!

I would have uploaded the picture of my bro and me but it was a bit too blurry. But I took great pictures of my mom who posed in the skirt that arrived in the mail today. As she's happily posing, I reminded her about lin chiling 林志玲 who said that your body should always keep a natural flow during poses, etc. (Both my mom and I are lin chiling fans - like every other Taiwanese~)

Now my chatter has gone on for so long it's not my birthday anymore! Finally, I'll tell you that I like this year's birthday a lot. Not sure too much of what I did except that I ate lots. But I really enjoyed this quiet domestic bliss, and liked being generally observant of weather (o i didn't say how much i enjoyed watching the clouds whisk pass yet), observant of the birds in our backyard (with my dad's binoculars), or observant even of my mom (well taking lots of pictures probably doesn't count)? Oh I think I'll miss home again when I go back to school.

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