Tuesday, May 29, 2007

End of the Spring Quarter

I didn't realize we're so close to the end of the quarter... Only a little more than a week left!
Things are still busy as usual. Got the two weekly problem sets and hyperthermia project to work on. I'm beginning to worry that I'll not have enough time to study for finals because the project is consuming most of my energy. But OH do I need to study. So much to catch up for MSE 207!

Recently we've been learning about alloy solidification with dendrite formations, constitutional cooling, etc. That reminds me of the good old days when I worked in Kawasaki, especially the times when I studied and napped on Superalloys II by Hagel, etc. That's the book my advisor called it the bible of the superalloy community. I worked hard on it but have forgotten most of the stuff now, of course. At the time I've been learning lots of things on my own then without knowing anything about materials science. HEHE didn't know I'd ever return to this material. Slowly however, images from the book are reappearing to me - not that they are helping me to understand now...they are just a bit haunting.

Over the memorial weekend we went to Montara and Pacifica. It was cold so we didn't stay too long. There were lots of surfers our there having a grand time. I had good time following them, too, from Pacifica Taco Bell, which was a classy little building right on the beach providing shelter for us. After we came back we went to Fleet Street's spring show. My favorite song was "Everyone peed in the shower."

Then we made pizza! It's our second try and they tasted a lot better!

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